02 – 30 February 2014

Fontanelle, Adelaide.

Curated by Brigid Noone.

Participating artists/writers

  • Elvis Richardson (Melbourne) with Madison Bycroft – writer Chloe Langford (Berlin/Sa)
  •  Talitha Kennedy (Darwin) with Anna Gore – writer Roy Ananda (SA)
  •  Oscar Perry (Melbourne) with Benjamin Leslie – writer Sera Waters (SA)

Fontanelle is inviting three interstate artists, Elvis Richardson (Melbourne) Talitha Kennedy (Darwin) and Oscar Perry (Melbourne) to take part in a week long residency at our studios to exchange their artistic visions with three exciting, emerging Fontanelle based artists. (Anna Gore, Ben Leslie and Madison Bycroft) At the beginning of this period, we will facilitate an online communication by email/skype to introduce our six artists and three writers, Chloe Langford (S.A./Berlin), Sera Waters (S.A.) and Belinda Howden (Newcastle) to each other, and to initiate an ongoing network of exchange that will utilise the internet and telecommunications to discuss ideas of geographic position and location and how these factors contribute to each artist’s specific art-scene of origin and the creative practices that arise within them. This exploratory stage is an opportunity for the artists and writers to identify points of difference and set up meaningful artistic exchange and critical debate between their respective practices. We have selected artists from interstate who will be teamed up with the appropriate Fontanelle artist to form a relationship of collaborative exchange that will be explored in person on the week long residency at Fontanelle, giving each pair the opportunity to elaborate on their online discussions in a fully facilitated studio environment. This mode of collaboration will allow them to make their own work, with the option of collaborating on something directly if they choose. It is about exploring the synergy and cross-pollination the two artist’s view points. or combining two different view points. Although this isn’t what we consider to be a mentorship, we have matched more experienced interstate artists with emerging Fontanelle artists. This period of intensive collaborative exchange will lead to new artwork that will be curated into the group exhibition of the six artists at Fontanelle Gallery.